SINCE 1950

The long-standing relationship of the Lafazanis family with wine has its roots somewhere in the early 1950s.

1946, was a year-landmark for the story of the family, as the production of wine by Vasilios G. Lafazanis begins in the area of Piraeus.

In the early 1960s, the dream gained flesh and bones with the establishment of the first family winery in Magoula, Attica, an area of particular geographic importance for the exploitation of Attic, Boeotian and Peloponnesian vineyards.

The years that followed were determinant for the establishment of the Lafazanis Winery in the wine market. The advent of the second generation gave an air of evolution and development with know-how, vision and passion, following family experience.

In the next few years, Georgios Lafazanis and his partners, with scientific establishment, passion and zest, continue their family tradition and love for what is worth of being called quality wine, institutionalizing Georgios Lafazanis winery in the consciousness of thousands of wine-lovers and the market of wine in general.



Today, the winery Georgios Lafazanis, after many investments in facilities, machinery and human resources, is a highly modernized unit with the main objective of producing high quality wines.

The next day, finds Georgios Lafazanis Winery in a very promising point, as the third generation comes to contribute to the long history of the family.


George Lafazanis

Founder and President of the Board

“Born in the vineyards” and, then, as a wine producer of a second generation – with studies at the Athens University of Economics- he has been running this family business for many years. With more than 40 harvests in operation and a huge passion and devotion to them, he envisages the creation of wines of an even higher quality. History and nature are two of his biggest passions, as well.

Vassilis G. Lafazanis

Winemaker and CEO

Representing the third generation of the winery, he possesses a degree from the University of Economics, 3rd Level of W.S.E.T., an MBA of Wine Business and he has attended various seminars of oenology, viticulture and winetasting sessions. Having travelled to the greatest wine-producing countries in the world, he has been initiated into the art of fine wines from a young age. He is fond of antiques, art and he is, foremost, incurably in love with wine.

John Markatos


He has graduated from the Department of Oenology of TEI of Athens, who has also studied at the UPC in Barcelona. He started his business steps in the E. Tsantalis wineries from 2004 to 2010. He has been a member of the Georgios Lafazanis Winery Team since 2012, while he has taken charge of the management of production since 2019.

Dimitris Akrivos

Head Oenologist

He was born in Athens in 25th December in 1973 and started studying at the TEI of Oenology and Technology of Drinks in 1991.

Starting his professional career in 1995, he worked in big wineries in Attiki, Peloponnese and Santorini. Since the autumn of 1998 and until January of 2018, he was Head of Production at the Ktima Gaia in Koutsi, Nemea.

Since 2003 and 2010, he has been co-working with the Ktima Mitravela and Troupis Winery, respectively. He has, also, been a counselor of wine making in the Georgios Lafazanis Winery.